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Magical May!

It’s officially – it’s that magical time of the year! ✨❤️ May is the start of our baby season and all the wonderful things that come with it! Keep a close look out for goat babies, sheep babies, and a popular fan favorite – alpaca babies!!!!

We already started our season off with a bang when Thelma, one of our wonderful goat mothers gave birth to her two beautiful, healthy kids just days before May 1st! We always say once one momma goat has her babies in our herd, the others all get the strength and encouragement to have their babies too! Since Thelma had her kids, we’ve had two other mothers give birth (all had twins but one mom)! We now have 5 adorable and healthy goat babies running and jumping all around already!  And as soon as they discovered their outdoor playground they never wanted to leave! It’s amazing to be able to witness how fast goat babies can become active just minutes after being born!

Apart from goat babies, we also had one sheep baby born! A handsome boy! He has been learning the ropes of life from his wonderful mother and fellow sheep companions! We are so thankful all of our babies have been healthy and loving life to the fullest already!

We haven’t had any alpaca babies yet this season but the time is coming very very soon!!! We are just patiently waiting and keeping a very close eye on all of our mothers that are getting close. We expect to have lots of alpaca babies this summer so it’s most definitely a magical time to be visiting our farm!!! Lots of people have even been lucky enough to witness a baby being born themselves! There isn’t a better way to learn about mothers and their babies than seeing it right in front of you! Once an alpaca is born, you can watch him/her learn how to nurse, stand up, and walk all within the hour! You might even catch the baby running already by the time you leave. It’s truly breathtaking and so wonderful to see! Visit us this summer and you might just wittiness something amazing too.  It’s something you don’t want to miss. ❤️