The Piglets are Here!

Yes, it’s true!!! Petunia our wonderful momma pig gave birth to her beautiful 7 piglets on March 30th early in the afternoon! Before I dive in about it too much let’s give a huge shoutout to Petunia and Pig Daddy Patrick for having so many precious, healthy babies!

We knew she would be giving birth that day once we saw her working hard early in the morning to build the perfect nest for her little ones. She was moving her straw bed all over in a particular and very unique way which gave us a huge indication her babies were coming! And then just a couple hours later…boom – here comes the first piglet! And then followed six more beautiful babies! She had 5 boys, one who looks just like daddy Patrick who is pink, and then four who look like momma Petunia. She also had two girls, one looks her dad with a cute little black spot on her nose and one who looks just like her mom. Right away once each of them came out, they rushed to Petunias belly and started nursing for the very first time. As well as meeting their momma and siblings for the first time, it was beautiful to witness – it always is!

That being said, her first day of having her babies we closed off her area from visitors so she could bond and rest with her babies in complete peace and feel safe to do whatever she feels is best! That first initial bonding is so important for a mother and her babies and they had an absolute wonderful first day being a family together. They got plenty of rest, plenty of milk from their wonderful mother, and enjoyed their day getting to bond.

Now that she is comfortable and her babies are comfortable we are allowing people to calmly view them and by that you can really see and learn how pigs are as a species and how they really love their young ones. At this age it’s a whole lot of sleep and a whole lot of milk! Soon enough they will be running around and having fun and being mischievous like all little pigs love to do. Soon enough, visitors will be allowed to interact with the piglets and watch them play! You don’t want to miss them at this young age, trust me!! They always seem to grow so fast and just with a blink of an eye they are almost all grown up! It’s so precious and amazing to see them while being so little and still learning their ways – you’ll be able to learn so much by watching that too!

We are all filled with so much love and happiness right now and we welcome you to come on out and join us in this happiness so you can witness these precious piglets for yourself.  Petunia and Pig Daddy Patrick look forward to showing off their beautiful, healthy piglets and we think you will agree with us, these tiny creatures will fill your heart with love and happiness too!