Top 5 Spring Items!

1: Grapevine Nesting Balls
2: Llama Birdhouse
3: Llama Gardening Stake
4: Mary’s Alpaca Poop
5: Majestic Meadows Umbrella

Here’s our top 5 must have spring items!!! When comes spring, lots of people start getting ready for the great outdoors and the beautiful sunshine that follows. We have lots of unique items here at The Alpaca Boutique that will have you ready for the beautiful weather that is coming our way! You can never have enough llama in your life.

Number 1, Grapevine Nesting Balls, they are by far one of the most coolest and most natural items you can get for your birds. It’s a grapevine made ball stuffed with 100% natural alpaca fiber attached to a jute-twine string for you to hang onto a branch. Birds absolutely love alpaca fiber to build their nests with as it has amazing insulating and water repellent qualities. Nothing is cuter than seeing a bird fly over to your nesting ball and take a little alpaca fiber out from it to fly back to their nest to add to their comfort. They truly live for this stuff and all over our farm if you look closely you’ll find birds nests with alpaca fiber in them. That’s because they have very easy access to alpaca fur here, lucky birds! To spruce up your outdoor area even more for the birds, we have item number 2, a Llama birdhouse! How cute is that! Now you and your birds can enjoy looking at llamas every day!

Next we are onto items 3 and 4, both meant to bring light and laughter into your garden. Our Llama Gardening Stakes are so very cute and bring so much color and happiness to your outdoor area. Everyone needs a reminder from your Llama to “ LLIVE, LLOVE, LLAUGH” more! And if your garden is still needing more, that’s where Mary’s Alpaca Poop comes in handy! it’s easy to use, 100% organic, clean, foolproof, and it’s balanced in all the right nutrients. This is not just another fertilizer but a complete lifestyle change for any plant. Even with its lower organic content, alpaca manure is considered a rich soil conditioner. Alpaca fertilizer improves the soil quality and its ability to retain water. This is definitely a must try for any plant lovers out there!

Finally, our last must have item for spring, is a Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique umbrella! No doubt April has spent a lot of its days raining and we have you covered any day of the week! If you’re looking to support our local boutique and farm we would be happy to have you all here! You can shop with us locally here in Medina or even online at ! Weekdays we are open from 10-5 and weekends from 10-6. We hope to see you all here!