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 Where did all the time go?! Summer has come to an end and the frosty…

Where did all the time go?! Summer has come to an end and the frosty air and the autumn leaves are on our tails. That means baby season is coming to an end and what an amazing baby season it was! Love was most definitely flying in the air here at Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique from all of the successful and adorable babies that we welcomed into our herd. Lots of our farm visitors were even lucky enough to see an alpaca mom, or a sheep or goat mom giving birth during their visit while some were born on their own quietly and privately like the pigs and the donkeys!

From that alone you are able to see and learn so much about the animals in general. When the babies drop from their mother to the ground, the mom immediately goes to her baby and makes sure they are welcomed properly into the world by nuzzling and licking on them. After that, just within that SAME hour the babies gain enough strength to learn how to stand all on their own for them to then be guided by their mother to nurse. Finally, after the baby has gained more strength from nursing, they beging to walk, and some are even seemingly happily bouncing around and running! It’s an absolute beautiful thing to witness and even after seeing so many births here on the farm over the years, the beauty of birth is always a sight to behold. The unconditional love the mothers give and show to their babies and seeing it happening right in front of you is life changing! We are all truly so blessed and thankful for our animals and how much they have taught us over the years, with the biggest one being love!

Even though the chill air puts a halt to our baby season – that being because we want our babies to be born in warmth and not cold as that can be challenging for them to develop in, the fun isn’t over! We now get to see all of these babies grow up and grow in their fleece for the winter which will keep them nice and toasty! Something about coming to the farm and seeing a bunch of alpaca babies, donkey babies, sheep babies and goat babies playing and frolicking in the pastures just seems so right, not to mention the piglets who just capture you from the moment you see them and instantly turn you into a puddle of oohs and ahhs! They are ready to play and ready to take on life so please feel welcome to come and visit them as they are all growing up. And if the winter gets too cold for you, don’t let that stop you, just head on into our alpaca boutique and gift shoppe where you’ll find alpaca made products straight from our very own alpaca fleece! Just like it keeps them warm in the winter, it can keep you warm too! We are open Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday we are open from 10am-6pm. We hope to see you all here this fall and winter as the fun never stops!!! Make sure to check out our upcoming Halloween Trick or Treat on the farm and watch for more holiday events coming up! Have a wonderful day and stay warm!