Easter Egg Hunt 2022!

It’s time to get ready for Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique Easter Egg hunt event this weekend!!! Whether you are coming on April 15th or April 16th you are in for loads of fun, no doubt! 
All you need to make sure you bring is your own egg-collecting basket if you are participating in the hunt! 
We have 4 different egg hunt times throughout each day. There is a 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00. Each session is an hour and a half long but you may arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, for example those with a 10:00 appointment may arrive at 9:45 and stay no later than 11:30.
The egg hunt for each time slot will begin 15 minutes into the session, so promptly at 10:15, 12:15, 2:15, and 4:15. This will give everyone time to participate and visit the animals on the farm during their appontment time.
When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of our very own Majestic Parkers and they will help you find a spot to park your car. Once you are parked, you’ll head into our check in areas located inside The Alpaca Boutique and inside our gift shop. The workers inside will make sure you are all checked in and tell you where you will be headed to next. There are going to be five large different colored banners with our logo on them with the corresponding age groups posted in different areas around the farm. For example, kids 2 and under will head to the pink banner, ages 3-4 to the green banner, 5-6 to the yellow banner, 7-8 to the turquoise banner and finally ages 9 and up will head to the orange banner.
Once everyone is in their correct age group we will begin the countdown until the hunt begins promptly at 15 minutes after your appointment time! Once the Egg Hunt begins you will be let loose into your area to find and collect your Easter eggs. This is a farm, so the ground can be uneven in places or muddy in the pastures, so please be sure to dress and plan accordingly. 
After you’ve collected your eggs and had your fun with the Easter Bunny, you will be free to tour the farm and visit the animals! We have alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, mini horses, mini donkeys, rabbits, mini pigs and piglets, kangaroos, wallabies, a tortoise and finally Gus the camel! We all are thrilled to see you this weekend and we can’t wait until you’re here!