Fox 8 New Day Cleveland Comes to Majestic Meadows Alpacas!

Exciting news here on the farm this month as Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland visited us for not just one LIVE
segment, but two! How exciting is that!

The one and only Fox 8’s David Moss was on set during the live segment for our outdoor segment on the
farm with Jeff Farley, one of the owners, and Rachel Nelson, who works inside the stores, was live inside
The Alpaca Boutique which is located right here on the farm.

During our first segment out on the farm with Jeff Farley, he was able to explain and inform to the
viewers all about our different kinds of animals and the importance they bring to not only our farm but
to our lives as well. A question that was asked by David Moss during the segment was, “So what is the
difference between alpacas and llamas?”, that question is a very common question we face, and it is a
great question at that! After so many years of having alpacas and growing our herd with other animals
as well, we thought why not llamas?! We thought they would be the perfect addition to have since they
belong to the camelid family as do alpacas, and now instead of explaining the difference between a
llama and an alpaca, we can show the difference! And wow, were we right, Harry and Llarry our two
resident llamas, have been great protectors and members to our herd, and we are very thankful to have

What started out as an alpaca farm back in 1994 simply because of our love for animals, has continued
to grow into the farm we are today. With the addition of lots of other animals and our desire to do
something with our alpaca fiber, we opened The Alpaca Boutique here on the farm. Our second
segment with Fox 8 took place inside The Alpaca Boutique where Rachel Nelson shares with viewers a
little bit about what’s inside The Alpaca Boutique…lots of great gift ideas!
With the opening of The Alpaca Boutique in 2018, in addition to utilizing all the fiber we get from our
alpacas in one way or another, be it nesting balls, dryer balls, handknit gloves, hats, scarves, lots and lots
of yarn produced from our own award-winning herd, we also offer men’s and women’s alpaca clothing
made from the highest quality alpaca fiber.

In 2020 we opened a separate gift shop across the sidewalk from The Alpaca Boutique. Here we have a
lot more items that are kid friendly, along with a large variety of alpaca socks, hats, and different gift
items than we have in The Alpaca Boutique which has our handmade items, our yarn, and our men’s and
women’s clothing.

Being involved in the alpaca business since 1994 has given us the knowledge we needed to be able to
make the right decisions when looking to add men’s and women’s alpaca clothing to our boutique. We
know what most non-alpaca breeders don’t…not all alpacas are made alike…and not all alpaca products
are alike. When it comes to alpaca products and alpaca quality, knowledge makes the difference. That
is something we have been working on since 1994. We have been breeding champion alpacas for over
25 years and now their award-winning yarn and handknit alpaca products made from their fleece can
now be found right here on our farm in our stores. Thank you all for your continued support and for
sharing your time with us here!

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