Goodbye January and Hello February!

We hope everyone had a wonderful January. All of us here at Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique have missed seeing all our wonderful visitors that brighten our farm each day during the closed month of January. 

There is no doubt that these colder temperatures of the winter season have chilled us all to the bone! Have you wondered how the alpacas and the rest of the furry friends manage these brisk temperatures or what animals on the farm would rather stay in a more warm and heated area? 

Alpacas, llamas, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows and even Gus, our dromedary camel manage the cold temperatures very well. However, just like all animals, they do appreciate a little help staying warm when the weather turns cold. Every winter we make sure all the animals are off the snowy, frozen pastures and in an area where they have protection from the wind, rain and snow, a straw bed (if needed), and other furry friends to cuddle up next to to help keep them extra toasty and comfortable. With these dropping temperatures heated water buckets are necessary and that helps to keep their water from freezing and keep them a nice consistent temperature all winter long. 

Now, let us talk about the animals that like to keep things on the warmer side of life. Sheldon, our Sulcata tortoise, stays indoors this time of year 24/7. In his shelter we keep the heat between 70-80 degrees, and he continues to get his daily kale and broccoli no matter what the weather. He also has a nice, heated pad he loves to take long cozy naps on during the day. So, it is safe to say, Sheldon is loving the warm life.

Patrick, Petunia, and George, our three miniature pot-bellied pigs, while we do let them explore outside when they want to, they do love to stay in their heated and insulated building during the colder months. They do not have much fur or hair to cover them, and their skin is very exposed, so it does not take long for them to feel the cold and want to come right back inside. They love burrowing in a giant pile of straw with each other and listening to their music all day. Same!

Our kangaroos and wallabies do love to go out and explore (if we shovel the sidewalks for them ☺) but it is not too long before they will come hopping back into their home where they all each have their own bed with fleece pouches that they love to take naps on or in! These girls appreciate their insulated and heated home and love getting cozy with the people who love and care for them too. 

Despite the chilly winter we have seen over the last few weeks, it is time for us to warm things up and REOPEN! Our hours of operation in February will be: 

Monday 10 to 5

Tuesday CLOSED 

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 10 to 5

Friday 10 to 5

Saturday 10 to 6

Sunday 10 to 6

We look forward to seeing you all soon ☺