Donkeys…Just Looking for Love 

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys…. Who Knew They Could Be So Lovable?  Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are by nature one of the friendliest and most affectionate animals of all equines.  They are tame, gentle souls who draw in and capture the hearts of both the young and the old with their loving personalities and once they hook you, they don’t’ want to let go, and you won’t want to let go either.  They form close attachments to their people and thoroughly enjoy human company…just ask our customers who have all come and discovered the one and only Kodiak!  They will ask for your love and attention with friendly nudges and brays, snuffles, snorts and funny little (or loud) sounds.     

Kodiak, our resident “stud” jack is probably our most social, most affectionate, and most demanding for love and attention.  He is separated from the females at different times throughout the year due to seasonal breeding so it’s safe to say he’s roamed the property quite frequently “looking for love” and finding it in everything from our customers to his female donkey companions.  He is currently sharing a pasture with his alpaca friends here on the farm and while we believe he tries to blend in to try and get some occasional handfeeding of grain that his pasture mates are allowed to get (and he isn’t), he is by no means one that could ever just blend in.  One visit and you’ll discover what everyone else has that comes here, he is one of a kind and he was born to stand out.  

Donkeys bray for a variety of reasons, to communicate with other donkeys, to show affection, to call for food and as in Kodiak’s case, it’s a sign of affection as he truly gets excited when people come within petting distance.  Here on the farm, we think Kodiak considers all visitors to be here to visit and pet and love on him, so he is usually our first greeter (vocally) on the farm and loves to bray out a very loud “Here I am Hello” as he does not want to be missed and he wants to make sure you know it.  

September continues to be baby season for us here on the farm and this month we started off with our very first donkey baby of the year.  Kodiak and our beautiful Bella welcomed their newest little one on September 2nd and this little guy is as sweet as he is handsome.  We are all so excited here on the farm for the arrival and they have all been showered with lots of love and attention since day one.  Bella and baby are doing wonderful and are showing us all what calm and loving animals, they truly are.  

So next time you’re looking for a little love, don’t forget to visit us here on the farm and Kodiak will be one of the many animals here waiting to share their love with you.