Pig Daddy Patrick Strikes Again…

Being relatively new to the highly intelligent world of potbellied pigs…we have learned a lot since we
brought Patrick and Petunia to our home here on the farm in April of 2020. Never having thought of
myself as a “pig” person, I sure have learned a lot about them, and I can now confidently say I did not
know what I was missing. Potbellied pigs come in four main colors, solid black, pink, white, and spotted.
They live 12 to 15 years on average and many live to the ripe old age of 20.

Charming, intelligent, affectionate, curious, loyal, trusting, and yes, stubborn when they want to be and
manipulating when they need to be. The depth of emotion we feel or see in them is quite astonishing.
You must “earn” their trust and even earn their cooperation, mostly through lots of positive
reinforcement, love, attention…and treats.  Pigs are highly social creatures and will quickly develop a
lifelong bond with their human companions. They will lay down for belly rubs, crawl in your lap at an
early age and continue to do that despite their size if they are used to it. They say belly rubs are a way
to a potbellied pig’s heart…and it’s true.

So how smart are pigs? They have the intellect of a 2- to 3-year-old. They can be house trained, litter
box trained, much more quickly than a puppy can, and trained to do a lot if you’re willing to spend the
time necessary to work with them. They are the fourth most intelligent animal in the world following
chimps, dolphins, and elephants. Pigs can be very demanding and vocal to get what they want so
learning how to work with them is important as they can outsmart even the smartest of owners. They
have a great memory and learn quickly. Teach them what love, and patience looks like, and they will
show you what loyalty and devotion feels like.

During the hot summer months, especially this summer, pigs can often be seen dipping and rolling in
mud but that’s only because it’s how they keep cool, and it helps protect them from sunburn. Pigs are
very clean animals and will not go to the bathroom where they sleep or eat, earning them the
reputation for being one of the cleanest animals in the barnyard.

Now for the fun stuff…BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pig Daddy Patrick and Pig Momma Petunia blessed us with SIX new little piglets on August 25, 2021.
FIVE boys and ONE girl. They are ALL doing wonderful. They are healthy, active and are entertaining to
say the least! They are living the good life in their new barn and outdoor living space, and we look
forward to watching these little ones grow in size and personality over the next several months.

Getting to know Patrick and Petunia has been something that has both delighted and surprised me from
the very beginning. One thing is clear, I’ve gone from knowing nothing about them to knowing
everything I need to know to confidently say to know them is to love them.