All Things Seem Possible in May!

All thing possible May is at its end! But don’t worry, this month was just a glimpse of summer – we have a lot more fun and excitement to look forward to!

This last month has most definitely been magical. Just May 1st, Louise our wonderful Nigerian Dwarf goat gave birth to her two beautiful kids – one baby boy and one baby girl! Then on May 11th we had our first alpaca baby of the year! Pearlina is the wonderful mother who gave birth to this precious baby and since then her baby girl has been doing absolutely wonderful! Of course every baby alpaca needs a playmate, so Cocoa Puff decided May 14th was a perfect day to have her baby boy!!! No joke when I say these two babies are truly best of friends and play together all the time!!!! We always see them racing in the pastures together, it’s so cute!

As always, around mid May every year, our alpacas, goats, and sheep get shorn! So on May 16th and 17th our animals were given their summer haircut and they are officially ready to take on the heat! Bring it on summer, we are ready to go!!! Once shearing was over, just a couple days apart – Isabella and Lexi, two of our alpacas, gave birth!!! Isabella had a beautiful baby girl and Lexie had a handsome baby boy! They are both doing absolutely fantastic and loving their home here on the farm!

One of the biggest things that happened during this month of May… was Maggie our amazing goat who gave birth to not one, not two, but THREE babies on May 23rd! Can’t even begin to explain the excitement we all went through and the joy we had for Maggie and her three healthy, beautiful babies!!! This is our first-ever triplets on the farm here, way to go Maggie!!! She is such an amazing mother and her babies have been living life to the fullest!!!

The magic continued…during Magical May… just a couple days before our first Goat Yoga class of the summer, on May 28th, Boujee our Angora goat gave birth to a baby boy! Safe to say, everyone had a BLAST doing Goat Yoga on the farm with all these precious new babies jumping and playing all around!

On May 30th we celebrated Memorial Day here on the farm. It was an extra special day for us because Yanabah, one of other amazing Angora goats, gave birth to her tiny but mighty baby girl!

And just how we started the month off with a baby, we ended with one too! On May 31st, Stella, one of our Nigerian Dwarf goats, gave birth to a handsome baby boy!!! We could tell all day that she was getting close as she was very vocal all morning! Within just a few hours later, here comes a baby! He is doing so wonderful already and Stella has been giving him nothing but her undivided love and attention!

We are so overwhelmed with love and cuteness here at Majestic Meadows! It’s been such an exciting and busy month and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout. We are so grateful and happy for all of these brand new healthy babies on the farm. Now, let’s get ready for the rest of the summer because that was just a glimpse of what is yet to come! Although we have had lots of goat babies, we are still waiting for many alpaca babies! Visit us this summer to have a chance to see something born and to see all of the babies we have already had so far. It’s something you do not want to miss, trust me!!!