Back to School!

Visit Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique before the summer season ends and school is back in session! If you have never been to our family farm before…we are the perfect place to go to if you want to have a last hurrah with your family for a fun farm outing! What separates us from other farms and/or zoos is we provide a very hands-on interactive experience. All of our animals have been acclimated to us humans as we have been raising animals since 1997 right here on the farm. Here, animals are treated like family…and that’s because they are our family! They are unconditionally loved which makes them so loving and playful right back! That’s why we always like to make sure our animals are respected in their own home and environment because without love, care, and respect, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! We love being able to welcome others onto our farm and share the love we have for animals! Our animal family consists of around 80 alpacas which includes quite a few alpaca babies we had over the summer – so unbelievably cute to see them running and frolicking around! Then we have Harry and Llarry our two resident llamas, who are truly amazing protectors of the farm. We also have sheep, goats, miniature donkeys, miniature horses, miniature cows, miniature pigs, rabbits, turkeys, two ducks, a tortoise, two kangaroos, two wallabies, and last but surely not the least, we have Gus the camel! You will be able to pet, love and interact with all of our animals on the farm up close and personal! Don’t forget you can also feed nearly all of our animals too to get an even more interactive experience! In addition, you will be able to enjoy browsing in our beautiful farm boutique and gift shop along where a very friendly, helpful farm staff member will be happy to answer your questions and share their love of these special animals! You’ll be happy you came as you can’t walk in the store without immediately smiling. Luxurious alpaca fur and animal themed gift items everywhere – and for ALL ages. Lots of handknit items made by Jen, our talented fiber artist, are made from our very own alpaca fiber. When they get a haircut in the spring, we are able to use that beautiful fiber to make amazing things that you’ll find in our boutique! We also have furry friends stuffed animals made from real alpaca fiber (softest thing you’ll ever touch), alpaca apparel from head to toe, home decor & goods, lots of yarn, baby/kids items, and lots of unique gift items as well. As a family owned business, we and our animals, truly appreciate your support! You are making our dreams come true by visiting and supporting our farm and shopping with us. We thank you all and we hope to see you all here for some more fun! Just because the summer season is coming to an end, doesn’t mean the farm fun is over!

We are always here for your farm lovin’ needs! Visit us any day of the week, weekdays from 10-5 and weekends from 10-6. Reservations are required to visit our farm animals and events, but not for just shopping! Head to and press the book now button that pops up! You will sign up and see more information there. 😊