Fall Pumpkins – YUM!

Pumpkins are the perfect fall snack for many of our animals here at Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique. Nothing brings us more joy than pumpkin season because many of our animals are spoiled with this delicious and healthy snack throughout the fall. Pumpkins are filled with lots of great vitamins and nutrients and have many amazing health benefits for our animals. The seeds inside the pumpkins are even known to be effective as a natural dewormer, which is awesome!

The biggest pumpkin lovers here on the farm – hands down – are our miniature pot bellied pigs. They run to us at the very sight of a pumpkin being smashed open for them. Their tails wag nonstop the whole time they are chowing down. This fall snack is amazing for pigs because they can munch on a pumpkin all day long and it keeps them feeling full longer and even keeps them entertained as pigs love to be kept busy.

We also have lots of other animals that enjoy this fall snack as well. Our goats, for example, love being entertained, they love staying active, and of course they love being fed. If you have ever visited our farm and met our glorious goats, or any goat for that matter, you will know that they are eager to meet and greet you, especially if food is involved. Fall is the perfect time to spoil them and throw them a few pumpkins in their enclosure each day so they are kept busy and happy all day long while snacking on their delicious treat. Many of our goats are soaking up the fall sun and laying out in their pasture nuzzled up to a pumpkin piece they found and will munch on it throughout the day. Pumpkins seem to bring them peace and happiness, that’s for sure.

Some of the other animals we have that appreciated our fall pumpkin snacks are our miniature highland cows, Gus, our dromedary camel, and Sheldon, our sulcatta tortoise. These all seem to stash away their pumpkins until they are ready to eat them. And eat them they will do!

Our alpacas, llamas, horses, and even donkeys are allowed to eat pumpkins but they seem to choose other snacks instead. Maybe one day they will finally give in to the power of the pumpkin like the others but there’s no doubt that this season bring lots of happiness to us and especially to our animals. So if you find yourselves with extra (uncarved) pumpkins over the fall season and you’re wondering what to do with them, a great idea is to donate them to a local farm or throw them in the nearby woods as lots of animals would love to find those pumpkins along their path. What a great way to give back and spread the love, the pumpkin love, your animal friends will thank you!