Free at Last!

We have all been anxiously waiting for the animals here at Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique to be let out into their grass pasture. And now that the weather permits, our prayers have been answered! If you’ve visited with us often, you would know that we have our animals on their grass pasture during the warm summery days and once the cold snowy winter approaches, we take them off their pasture where they can stay in their barns away from the harsher climates.

So why do we pull our animals off pastures during the cold, wet, rainy and snowy months?  If we aren’t patient enough with Mother Nature and don’t wait until the grass or ground is fully dry and hardened, it can become mushy or what we call “washy”. Not only does washy ground make it hard to walk on and stay clean, it has a high water content which could cause our animals to have stomach issues when using the bathroom since they will want to eat the grass right away. It’s up to us to make sure before being let out they have proper grass to eat and proper ground to walk on without slipping or rutting up their own area! If we were to let them out early, that could be detrimental to their pasture and them. That’s why when they are pulled off pastures they have plenty of hay, plenty of grain and all the right minerals and nutrients they need while waiting for the ground to harden up again!

Not only is letting the animals out too early in the year unhealthy for them, but it’s also not good for pasture health either. By letting any animals out early, you run the risk of allowing them to run out onto a mushy pasture that will not only be completely rutted up by their excitement of being let out but once rutted up, they will no longer have any grass to be excited about because their weight rutted it all up creating a big muddy mess. It’s very important to pick and choose just the right time to let the animals out because our goal is to let them out and still be able to have their beautiful grass pastures all summer long.

And thank the heavens that time has finally come! The gates have been opened up and the animals are leaping with joy that they can finally have their pasture back again for the whole entire summer and all the warm days it brings!!! Fingers crossed for lots of sunny days!!! To see our animals now and enjoy them while they they are out in the fields on their pastures, make a reservation online at right in our booking section!💕