Goat Yoga on the Farm!

Break away from your normal mindset and reap the benefits of the great outdoors. Sign up for laughter, yoga, and of course – goats! You will be guided by a certified yoga instructor for a class created for those new to yoga and experienced yogis. During your class you will be greeted, snuggled, and be up close and personal with the goats of Majestic Meadows!

So, what is the big deal with Goat Yoga… Is it really that fun? Is combining Yoga and Goats really a clever idea? The answer is…YES!!!! A thousand times yes!!! What is better than combining peacefulness and relaxation with excitement and adventure! Take that leap of faith and try something new this summer, I promise you will not leave without a smile!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Price: $35 for Goat Yoga OR $40 for Goat Yoga AND a farm visit added on immediately afterwards (per person).

The $40 package deal includes your goat yoga class and a farm visit afterwards where you will meet and get up close and personal with not only the goats from your yoga class, but you will also meet alpacas, llamas, sheep, cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, kangaroos, wallabies, a tortoise and finally Gus the camel!

What to Bring: Your yoga mat and things you do not mind getting dirty! Each goat has its own personality and will offer their occasional climbing, nudging, and friendly nibbles in a controlled environment!

Age Limit: This is a yoga class for beginners and does not require extensive yoga knowledge. We welcome all ages and everyone who wants to participate with us. Our class does typically fill up with mostly younger and older adults, but we also get some young ones wanting to share in on the fun. So, if you are wondering if you can bring your young child, just ask these few questions to yourself and to them. One, can they follow and pay attention to an instructed yoga class? Two, can they handle goats jumping on them? Three, can they handle goats chewing on their clothes and/or belongings? If you answered no to any of them, it may not be the best choice to bring your child. But if you answered yes, come on out! We have had several young kids join us and have an absolute blast.

Goat Behavior and Mannerism:  Goats loves to jump, chew, and play. Every one of our goats here are loving and playful. As you are guided through your yoga class, the goats will also be participating by jumping on you, napping on you or your mat, or even leaping off your back to your friend’s back when you are not looking! All our goats are healthy and clean. Even though they pee and poop anywhere (and everywhere) they want to, we do have helpers during the class that that will be right behind them picking it up! All you must do is have fun doing yoga and playing with goats! We will handle the rest!

Dates: Goat Yoga on the Farm is every Saturday at 9:00am. This runs every Saturday all the way to August 13th!

Sign Up Information: Head to www.majesticmeadowsalpacas.com and there will be a “Book Now” button that immediately pops up. Press that button, and then once it takes you to that page, scroll down until you see Goat Yoga, Press Book, and then select which day you would like to join us! This class does require signing up as class size is limited. Do not miss the fun! We hope to see you soon!