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Halloween On The Farm Recap

And that’s a wrap! Just with the blink of an eye, our first ever Halloween 2021 at Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique is over! What a “spooktacular” weekend it was for everyone! Whether you were meeting friends or monsters, collecting loads of candy, taking spooky photos, or touring the farm where you were taken through various haunted houses and themes – we hope it was a Halloween to remember and never forget!!!

Being our first ever Halloween Trick or Treat on the Farm, we really wanted it to be something unique, something memorable and something special for anyone who came. And thanks to all of the wonderful visitors who came and all the staff that helped us along the way – that is exactly what was able to happen! The amount of smiles we saw, all the laughter we heard, and all the times we heard a kid shout out, “My candy bag is getting so heavy!”, it truly put a huge smile on all of our faces. Seeing so many of our visitors whether they had been with us before or coming for the first time ever laugh and smile and have such a great time was truly heartwarming. We are so thankful and pleased to see all of the happy and amazed faces on the farm. The support and positive feedback we received from so many people truly inspires us to want to continue to create exciting and unique events for everyone to look forward to throughout their year. Before we move on too fast from Halloween, I want to talk about how incredibly awesome everyone’s costumes were who came to the farm this year!!! We saw so many people dressed up in so many different costumes, young and old, which made the Halloween spirit on the farm burst out even more with joy!

Throughout the weekend we met witches, monsters, astronauts, cowboys, and so much more! If you were a visitor of ours, you may have seen Bigfoot, a happy dancing pig, skeletons, a couple of clowns and lots of other creatures out and about trying to hunt you down first! There’s no doubt that anyone who came had an absolute blast, even those who were working!!! Being able to interact with all of the people and all the kids during this event made it special and fun for all of our staff. Being able to dress up and be a kid all over again for a weekend sounds pretty great to me and I know we are all already counting down the days to do it all over again next year! Again, we truly want to thank everyone who came to support us and join us for our first ever 2021 Halloween Trick or Treat on the Farm here at Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique. We would not have had as much fun as we did without each and every one of you! We hope everyone keeps us in mind for next year’s Halloween event and for all our future events throughout the year,

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