Spring Is Here!

Hello dandelions and hello sunshine! We are so happy you are finally here and the animals on our farm totally agree too! All across the farm, our furry friends have been basking in this warmth and taking it in while it’s here, and we aren’t too far behind them in enjoying this beautiful spring weather! Our kangaroos and wallabies are so happy to finally be able to lay in the grass each morning and take a nice nap underneath the sun. Anything other than snow, rain, or ice, we will take! And this sunshine and warmth can keep it coming! Our pigs, Patrick, Georgie, and Petunia jumped and ran outside from their indoor building once they figured out what was behind that door, happy sunshine once again! It’s safe to say pretty much every animal we have here is jumping with joy due to these lovely spring days, away from the winter! That means soon enough every animal here will be back out into their pastures everyday, grazing grass, and taking in the beautiful weather without being held back by the cold temperatures we are all happy to have escaped. We are so looking forward to being busy again soon as warmer weather approaches as winter definitely takes away some of the fun and incentive for people to visit us, but the love has always been here and never went away. The animals all love the attention and always look for a friend to make. It is safe to say we all can’t wait to have you back for more fun, more events, and more visits!